Meet Doctor Gregory D. Osmundson, MD

Dr. Osmundson specializes in glaucoma management and cataract and implant surgery.

Gregory D. Osmundson, MD

Dr. Osmundson’s passion and his greatest challenge is educating his patients about glaucoma, because it can be difficult to grab people’s attention about this symptomless disease.

“Unless you’re examined for it, you’d never know you have it. Sight is the most important sense,” Osmundson cautions. “People may lose the ability to walk, or their hearing, but they really want to be able to see their grandkids.”

Dr. Osmundson enjoys the technology used in ophthalmology and appreciates the opportunity to improve the lives of his patients. “At Ophthalmology Ltd. we have most specialties covered, and working with good physicians makes me want to be a better physician.”

Married with four children, he takes pride in his work at Ophthalmology LTD.


Education & Training

  • Undergraduate education: South Dakota State University
  • Medical school: University of South Dakota School of Medicine
  • Ophthalmology residency training: University of Missouri
  • Fellowship training (glaucoma): University of Utah
  • Board certified in Ophthalmology