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Over the years, Ophthalmology LTD's name has become associated with the highest quality of comprehensive medical and surgical eye care. Highly trained ophthalmologists David West, Bryan Hammer, Eric Thomas, Dustin Dierks, Ryan Geraets, Michael Eide, Elizabeth Atchison, Elise In’t Veld, and Karen Dickes, as well as experienced optometrists Andrea McCann, Emily Walters, and Tyler Vermeer combine their considerable expertise to give each and every patient the best possible care. Ophthalmology LTD delivers treatment for cataracts, glaucoma, diabetic eye disease, as well as cornea transplants, oculoplastic surgery, retina surgery, vitreoretinal surgery, and pediatric eye care in Sioux Falls.

The Finest Eye Specialists in the Tri-State Area

Ophthalmology LTD brings the finest eye specialists in South Dakota to satellite offices in the tri-state area: Luverne, Pipestone, Worthington and Windom in Minnesota, Rock Valley, Sibley, and Sioux Center in Iowa, as well as Dell Rapids, Madison, Mitchell, and Yankton in South Dakota.


In 1968, Ophthalmology LTD revolutionized eye care by taking a comprehensive approach, bringing patients a full range of vision specialties under one roof. Today, eye care teams across the nation are now mimicking the strategy we have spent more than 50 years perfecting. It is because of this experience and our genuine dedication to our patients that our team is widely considered the finest, most comprehensive group of sub-specialty eye surgeons in the tri-state Siouxland area.

Our Services

Our ophthalmologists have expertise in a wide range of specialties and work as a team to meet your eye care needs.


Not only is cataract treatment the most frequently performed surgery in the United States, it is also one of the most successful. More than 99% of patients who undergo cataract removal rank their vision as significantly improved. Drs. Osmundson, Hammer, Dierks, Eide, In't Veld, and West perform this highly effective procedure.

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Early detection and treatment is the key to preventing vision loss with Glaucoma. More than three million Americans have glaucoma, but only half are actually aware that this "silent thief" is slowly and without warning stealing away their vision, sometimes without any noticeable symptoms. Drs. Osmundson and In't Veld  at Ophthalmology LTD specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma.

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Children should have a yearly comprehensive eye exam along with their parents. Many vision problems can be detected early and treated before they become detrimental to a child's development, learning abilities, and every day function. Dr. West of Ophthalmology LTD has 22 years of experience in the evaluation and treatment of children's vision.

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The retina functions much like the film in a camera, and when film is damaged, so is the picture. Our retinal specialists Drs. Geraets, Thomas, and Atchison  offer comprehensive retinal exams and treatment to protect against diseases such as diabetic retinopathy that can damage your retina and vision.

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If a window pane is distorted or marred by imperfections, it is difficult to see out through it clearly. Your cornea is your eye’s window. To keep it clear or to restore it to its proper state, Dr. Eide of Ophthalmology LTD uses his specialty training in corneal diseases to treat dry eye, keratoconus, and other conditions that can cause corneal imperfections.

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When your eyelids, eye sockets, or tear ducts malfunction, or a tumor threatens your vision, Ophthalmology LTD oculoplastic surgeon Dr. Hammer can help. Specializing in procedures that restore clear vision as well as a more youthful appearance, Dr. Hammer treats and manages a wide variety of ocular conditions.

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We are a team of passionate professionals with
caring for patients in South Dakota, Minnesota, & Iowa.

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  • Dawn S.

    This clinic got me in quickly, and were very professional. Highly recomed them!

  • Bill V.

    Everything, the nurses are awesome and doctor Atchison is very considerate of her patients

  • Ron R.

    Have had a couple of visits there the past month. Both doctors were verify professional, nurse were exceptional, gathering information and testing.

  • simon n.

    A very good doctor and takes time to advice on options a patient can chose.

  • Raj S.

    very well coordinated between staffs

  • Larry L.

    With all the doctors I see because of my chronic illnesses, through the Avera Medical System, Dr. McCann is definitely one of the best. Her caring nature, personable approach, and willingness to listen and work with me and my... read more

  • Denise M.

    They have the most caring staff. Dr. Hammer is a very nice person. He is very knowledgeable and tells you like it is. My surgery went well and I am still healing.

  • Louise H.

    continuing sucessful maintenance of wet macular degeneration, glaucoma, surgery, friendly, competent staff.

  • Byron P.

    Very professional and personal staff and physicians. I have had surgery on two separate occasions and numerous clinic appointments at Ophthalmology Ltd and have the utmost confidence in their skills. This is the best clinic for eye care!

  • Carlton H.

    Great checkup process! Stepped thru process very quickly and promptly! Every person skilled in their area of expertise! Excellent experience!!!

  • Randee B.

    Great staff-super nice Dr. Geraets!

  • Sheryl M.

    Everyone was very friendly knowledgeable and I would go to them to have any other one I work done that I needed to do

  • Rick S.

    Everyone at Opthalmology LTD is top notch. Always greeted with a smile and very short wait times. Dr Hammer is the best, always acts like he is happy to see me and calls me by my name.

  • Jane B.

    I was greeted promptly at the desk, did not have to wait very long to be seen and got “interviewed “ by the Dr.’s assistant quickly. My time with Dr. McCann was pleasant and informative.

  • Dee N.

    friendly, professional, punctual, and most of all they know what they are doing.

  • Don O.

    the professionalism I observed from everyone was unsurpassed. I would recommend opthamology to everyone needing their services

  • Karla A.

    I had a great experience here. It’s a very busy atmosphere but efficient. I was referred by my dermatologist so it was my first visit. They were able to preform a minor procedure for me. Dr Hammer and his staff... read more

  • Darla H.

    Got me in to see a doctor right away for an emergency. I really needed that.

  • Roxie E.

    My concerns were handled quickly and information given to me immediately. Dr McCann was efficient, warm and concerned with my care, as were her office personnel. I am looking forward to my next appointment with her!

  • Michael P.

    Ophthalmology LTD has been my “go-to” place for all my eye care.Excellent doctors and professional staff that really care about me tend to my wishes.They are always willing to address any issues I have with my eyes or with appointments.I... read more

  • Dennis D.

    very friendly and professional help.
    Always prompt. Very short wait times alway.
    They're great!

  • Deb '.

    Dr. Hammer was great… Took care of my issue very quickly and efficiently!

  • Ez R.

    All the staff is awesome they are efficient and Dr. Garrets is excellent ! He has a great personality and I suggest if you need help he is the man to ease your stress and help you over treatments you... read more

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    Dr Hammer was truly amazing. Very knowledgeable and friendly. Thank you!

  • Ted P.

    Very professional! Very thorough!

  • Don &.

    I was very happy with my experience at Ophthalmology LTD yesterday. I saw Dr. Geraets and Dr. Dierks. Together they came up with a plan to address my vision issues. Both were open to questions and explained what they... read more

  • April G.

    I've had 2 appointments with Dr. McCann. Both times I was pleased with the experiences. The time from check in to being seen was short. All staff members I've encountered or had contact with have been friendly and courteous. I... read more

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    Dr Edie is so good He takes the time for me My wife goes to him too So Happy with everyone there!!!!!!!

  • Mick C.

    Excellent service. Staff was very personable and efficient. Would highly recommend to others.

  • Sondra K.

    Everything they are very caring about your vision and what they do. Highly recommended.

  • Aaron N.

    Great experience. Dr. West and the nurse were very good and patient oriented.

  • Leonard S.

    I seen Dr. Geraets for a second opinion on my retinal issue for which I was receiving treatment from another ophthalmologist in Rapid City. Dr Geraets was very detailed in his exam and gave me his opinion in a... read more

  • Rich H.


  • LARRY W.

    He was very thorough and inform me what he saw during the.exam. Thank you would recommend you....

  • Jim B.

    Very pleasant and they know there (eyes) business.

  • Cheryl A.

    The staff are always polite and helpful. Even on very busy days they manage to keep the flow of patients moving along very smoothly.

  • Eugene C.

    Great friendly service and knowledge of what is required of your service.
    Keep up the good work.

  • Lynn R.

    Everyone is super friendly and helpful, from the front desk checkin to the doctor herself. This includes the techs, the nurses., even those who are not specifically caring for the patient. Friendly smiles and hellos from staff passing on the... read more

  • Jerald H.

    Great staff. Willing to answer questions and take the required time to explain the procedure and the end result that is expected but also explain problems that may occur.

  • Barb W.

    friendly staff, well organized, efficient, Dr thomas is very thorough and knowledgeable, very pleasant and easy to talk to, I feel very confident with him, he has done a wonderful job with my treatment in the past.

  • Holly B.

    Professional, friendly service with treatment suggestions given making sure you understand the situation. Wouldn’t go anywhere else.

  • Mary K.

    Professional, efficient and friendly physicians and staff. Each visit, for my own eye health or when assisting family or friends, has been positive. We are fortunate to have Ophthalmology LTD in Sioux Falls and the surrounding area.

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  • Marlene T.

    The excellent care you receive very friendly.

  • Sandra L.

    I have bad eyes and my doctors at Ophthalmology LTD , know how to treat you, they know there business , I have to have shots in my eye, and it does not hurt . Great job ..

  • Virg D.

    very kind, very professional,
    excellent experience!!
    Dr Karen is the very best!!!!

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    My visits give me the information I am looking for and the Dr. takes the time to explain everything.

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    Very kind and helpful and answered all my questions

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    Friendliness capable people knowledge of doctor