Can Kids Wear Contacts?

Contact lenses are a convenient alternative to glasses. Many people prefer them because they eliminate the common nuisances of eyeglasses, such as foggy lenses, scratched lenses, sliding frames, or glasses falling off altogether. In fact, approximately 45 million people in the United States wear contact lenses. Contacts are common for adults, but you might be wondering if your child can wear contacts or how old they need to be to start wearing them. Keep reading to learn more about the best practices for kids and contact lenses.

Can Kids Wear Contacts?
The short answer is yes, kids can wear contact lenses! In fact, four million contact wearers are under the age of 18.  Every child is different, so not every child will be the best candidate for contact lenses, but that has less to do with age and more to do with their vision.

Contact lenses are a big responsibility, so consider the full picture before getting your child fitted for contacts. They require daily care, cleaning, and planning ahead. Depending on the type of contact lenses, your child will have to sanitize them daily and remember to take them out each night. Simply learning to put them in and take them out is a skill that will likely take some time to master.

On the other hand, glasses are also a big responsibility for kids. Glasses are easy to lose, scratch, and break. They can also be a hindrance if your child plays sports. Contacts are less bothersome on the court or the field…or even the playground. There are pros and cons to glasses and contacts, and the best answer will be different for every child.

At What Age Can Kids Wear Contacts?
Children as young as eight years old can wear contacts, but this doesn’t mean that every eight year old with glasses should switch to contacts. As their parent, you know your child best. Talk with your eye doctor about the pros and cons of contacts for kids, and talk to your child about why he or she wants to wear contacts in the first place. If your eye doctor says they are a good candidate, consider doing a trial run. Your doctor should be able to give you a sample pair of contact lenses so that your child can see if he likes wearing them more than glasses. A trial run will give your child a taste of the reality of wearing contacts.

If you don’t think your child is ready for the responsibility of contacts, tell them you can revisit the subject in a year and reevaluate the decision. Again, you know your child best.

If you’re on the fence about whether or not contact lenses are a good fit for you or your child, contact Broberg Eye Care today. We’ll schedule an appointment to review your vision history, see if you’re a good candidate for contacts, and answer any questions you might have.

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